We prefer bitcoin. Btc, eth is the only crypto that we use. We don’t need any particular format for your order, we really just need to know how many you would like of which products. For those of you that are using ~coinbase~ please understand that they like to process your order for a week. If you are new to crypto then email us and we will give you as much information as you need to make a successful purchase. Money is extremely important to people. Especially those that don’t have a lot of it. We completely respect that and respond accordingly: from the moment we receive your payment we will be in a hurry to get your pack out. You are free to email us every 15 minutes if you like to check on your pack. We will not get angry and you’ll always get a professional response. We were raised with the understanding that if you take care of the people the money will take care of itself. We have seen this scenario too many times: you do your research, you make a decision, and right after you hit send on the bitcoin your stomach drops and you start second-guessing whether you made a wise choice. It’s normal for the first time using a new source. Never hesitate to email us even to ask us to verify we still doing what i promised. We won’t get angry. Money is super important. OR you can pay using gift card apple and steam wallet only send it on our sales@seehealthfitness.com our agent will process it and make a provision for your delivery as fast as possible. thanks for your patronage we are always available to serve you.SeeHealth Fitness is the best!


You will never hear us call you bro nor will you see us joke around very much.We believe this is a business and we try to run it as such.we would be mortified if you went to our pharmacist and he handed you your prescription with typo’s on it and bad grammar, saying “here ya go bro”. That doesn’t build confidence in the contents of the bag.we are not saying that our demeanor is the correct one, there are arguments both ways,we just know it is correct for we and our business. You should feel confident about your purchase from the first email to the last pin. The only way to encourage that confidence is to continually demonstrate consistency, accuracy, and a superior depth of knowledge for my work.


If you have read through our long-winded description we are impressed. We try to give a concise overview for the guys that are new to gear, new to us, or new to our sst. It is our description of commitment that explains why we are not the cheapest source on sst. If you appreciate the finer things in life then we look forward hearing from you. If you want the cheapest gear then i appreciate you checking me out and we are here if you change your mind. Thank you all for your continued support.


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